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King Hamad University Hospital - Insurance

KING HAMAD UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL introduced Health Insurance & Debit Accounts Department to help the people due to rising health care costs, increasing prevalence of chronic disease, an aging population, greater demand for quality outcomes and the recent passage to a shift toward value-based payment models focused on better population health management.

KING HAMAD UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL is the best health care provider in the G.C.C focused on prevention, improved chronic disease management and wellness activities, include financial risk management elements by incorporating both upstream and downstream costs of care delivery. Additionally, the HI&DA Department within the Hospital provide continuous care delivery across larger populations—essentially providing total health solutions to patients across the continuum of care.

HI&DA Department approaches are focused on understanding the health needs of the community, measuring and evaluating health status, and developing collaborative programs that will improve health outcomes. As a result, King Hamad University Hospital leaders and HI&DA Department are driving this shift toward population health management by focusing on assessment, prevention, wellness, chronic disease management and other initiatives to benefit the community. To address multiple health issues and improve the overall health status of the population, population health programs are becoming more complex and having greater reach.

Expansive and complex health programs necessitate an evolving role for hospitals and HI&DA Department care systems, as well as greater integration with a variety of community organizations and Insurance Companies. Merging the resources and skills of hospitals and health care systems with community partners is essential for the integration and expansion of health management programs. Together, hospitals and HI&DA Department and their Insurance Companies can create targeted population health programs that engage and communicate with the patient population and ultimately increase efficiency and quality of health care and improve health status in the community.

King Hamad University Hospital of Bahrain starts Health Insurance & Debit Accounts Department since April, 2012 for direct Settlement with following leading National & International Health Insurance Companies:-

Insurance Companies





Gulf Union Cooperative Insurance Company


AXA - Gulf


BUPA Arabia


BUPA Global










Health 360













Tricare - International SOS



International SOS









Malath Insurance



Global Benefit Group


King Hamad University Hospital Health Insurance & Debit Accounts Department Provide medical Treatment of the insured Patient essential to your health.

  1. Provide High Quality Treatment within the coverage area & benefits allowed by the Health Insurance Companies.
  2. Coordinate referrals to the consultants;
  3. Arrange for Special Services e.g. (HYPERBARIC, HYDROTHRAPY, PET NUCLEAR SCAN, CT SCAN, MRI…);
  4. Provide patient education;
  5. Provide post-care follow-up
  6. Call Centre Facility for Booking & Information.


  • Sunday – Wednesday : 8:00 am to 8:00pm
  • Thursday : 8:00 am to 3:00 pm (Note: No private practice clinics on Thursday)
  • Friday – Saturday (Weekend Holiday)

Further Information, Please contact Mr. Mohammed Ashfaque Hameed, Chief of Health Insurance & Debit Accounts Department (Finance Department)
Telephone #: +973 17444008

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