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Healthcare Academy

Healthcare Academy:


To provide an online resource regarding Healthcare Academy educational and training programs at KHUH.


  1. Digitize all educational resources for trainings, workshops and clinical attachments

    • Course description

    • Pre-reading materials

    • Training schedules

    • Admission process

    • Payment information

  2. Online applications and bookings of courses

  3. Digitize the applications for undergraduate and postgraduate studies

    • For staff, fill on the course evaluation form and then receive the certificate.

    • For student, to receive their class and clinical rotation schedule.

    • Digitize submission of all course assignments.

  4. Key in platform for comments, suggestions, feedback and evaluation for all healthcare academy services.

Target Audience

  1. Course participants

  2. PCA Students


It will include the following:

Payment information if applicable

  1. Healthcare Academy Policies and Guidelines

  2. Contact Details

  3. English Courses (Ms. Mini):

    • Timetable

    • Course objectives

    • Reading materials

    • Link for assignments submission

  4. PCA Program (for students):

    • Academic Calendar

    • Student advisor list

    • Class timetable

    • Clinical Placement Allocation

    • View grades and receive report cards (with access)

    • Sign in and out for attendance (class and clinical placement) (with access)

  5. PCA Program (for educators) (with access):

    • Student records

    • Student registration process

    • Letter sent to UOB records

    • E-signature for the disciplinary forms

    • Teaching materials

    • Notification system regarding student attendance

    • Entering and adjusting timetable

  6. Course Descriptions of all Trainings, Workshops, Courses and Clinical Attachments/Placements

  7. Monthly Calendar of Healthcare Academy.

  8. Educational Resources such as Journals, Modules & Pre-reading Materials

  9. Relevant Announcements

  10. Online link for booking and feedback/evaluation

  11. E-Newsletter (Edu-Care Highlights)

  12. E-Learning Trainings once available

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