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Mental health department

The KHUH mental health department is comprehensive center promote physical and mental health and offer full range of services by culture diverse staff.


Provide patient-centered care to our patients that are inclusive, respectful, caring and focused on quality and safety.


The mental health unit will excel in providing out- Patient, consultation liaison to all medical services in KING Hamad Hospital.


- To provide the exceptional level of care with major focus on positive outcome and pt. satisfaction.

- To provide supportive environment to talk openly about concerns and feelings.

- Offer psychometric testing to help diagnose illness.

- Work with local community and network in order to offer patient all resources available through the kingdom.


  • All patients have basic human rights to be treated with respect, courtesy and fairness.
  • Successful treatment occurs in an environment which is safe and which meets the psychological and physical needs of patients.
  • Inclusion of the patients, family and community support systems in the treatment process is critical to quality outcomes.
  • Communication with patients, families, other providers, and staff is based on honesty and integrity.
  • Successful treatment outcomes require staff competence, commitment, dedication, cooperation, teamwork, and adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Treatment includes comprehensive assessments of the psychological, emotional, and social needs of patients who are experiencing psychosis, anxiety, depression, behavioral aberrations, organic mental symptoms, or substance abuse disorders.

The Product Line consists of :

- Consultation liaison to all medical units inside the hospital.

- Out-patients clinic of child ,adult and Geriatric Psychiatry.The clinic is housed in the third floor of out-patient clinic building.

Psychology services provide services to individual of all ages and may work with single individual or with groups or family is from a variety of ethnic, cultural and socio economic back grounds out psychologists liase with physicians and other health professionals about their finding and both parties will determine the treatment of the patient.

Our social worker will provide assessment of pts. and families, to help obtain information about pt. and caregiver's psychosocial functioning environment, information gathering will aid in the development of intervention and treatment strategies and help to identify the emotional, social and environmental strength, provide education to patient and their families around issues related to adaption to pt. diagnosis, illness, treatment and or life situation. In addition the SW participate in discharge planing ,coordinate follow-up services for patients and make referral ensure that all related clinical procedures are carried out in line with hospital policies and procedures.

Psychiatrist is the head of the unit and will provide the following services:

Evaluation for full range of mental dis including psychosis, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, alcohol and other substance abuse disorders.

Prescribe medication to reduce symptoms of diseases that interfere with the client ability to adapt to his or her surroundings.

Provide medication consultation for pts. and other health care professionals.

Analyze and evaluate pt.'s. data or test findings to diagnose the nature or the extent of mental dis.

Collaborate with physicians, psychologist and social worker or other professionals to discuss treatment plans and progress.

Gather patients information and records including social or medical history obtained from pts. ,relative and other professionals.

Counseling out –pts. or other pts. during office visits.

Examine or conduct laboratory or diagnostic tests on pts. to provide information on general physical or mental condition.

Advice guardian, relative or significant others about pt's. condition or treatment.

Prepare and submit case repots or summaries to government or mental health agencies.

Communication with peers and subordinates by phones, in written forms, by emails or in persons.

Providing consultation to others.

Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships with others and maintaining them over time.

Making decision and solving problems.  

  • Dr. Soumeya B. Attik

    clinical Psychologist


    - Interpersonal therapy.
    - Individual, family and group therapy.
    - Behavioral cognitive therapy.
    - supportive and educational therapy.

  • Dr. Rawah Jabi

    Consultant Psychiatrist


    - Diagnosis and treatment for Psychotic disorders and schizophrenia.
    - Diagnosis and treatment for bipolar disorders.

  • Dr. Hamda Al Nashmi

    Psychiatrist Specialist


    - Offering psychoeducation and working with families of psychiatric patients.
    - Diagnosing and treating the following:
    - Mood disorders (depression, bipolar affective disorders).


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