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King Hamad University Hospital Nursing Service Departments believe that nursing, in its broadest meaning, is a science and art that involves patient as a whole body, mind, and spirit, and contributes to the social, mental, and physical health by caring, teaching, and examples. The knowledge and skills of nurses should help people to care for themselves at home, and maintain a continuous service in preventive, curative, and restorative program.

  • The nursing service department in general:
    • Participates with the organizational leaders in resource allocation activities relative to providing a sufficient number of appropriately qualified nursing staff to care for the patients.
    • Ensures the continuous and timely available nursing services to patients.
    • Develops, presents, and manages the nursing services portion of the organization’s budget.
    • Implements the findings of current research from nursing and other literature into the policies and procedures governing the provision of nursing care.
    • Measures, assesses, and improves patient outcomes achieved through the development and implementation of nursing standards of patient care and nursing standards of practice.
    • Assigns responsibility to individual or groups of nursing staff members to take action to improve the nursing service performance.
  • As KHUH nursing service personnel, it is our aim to provide the best quality and quantity of nursing care for each patient. And through this, KHUH nursing service believes that:
    • The patient is the corner stone for nursing services. So all planning and administration should be directed to meet his/her needs and contribute to his/her best outcome, rehabilitation, and to add to his knowledge about maintaining his/her health.



  • To deliver quality health care services to the patients.
    • To utilize the nursing process - assessing the patients, identification of the needs, planning and implementation of the interventions, and the evaluation of the outcomes to determine the level of the achieved wellness.
    • To utilize the quality improvement scheme through planning, continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure that patients received the best quality of care
    • To provide motivations among nursing personnel to encourage them to render optimal contributions in the delivery of quality patient care.
  • To provide the optimum level of nursing cares and services to meet the health care demands of the patients who entrusted their lives to our care.
    • To treat patient with dignity and respect advocating the health rights of individual patient and family.
    • To make use of appropriate hospital facilities in meeting the patients’ health care needs.
  • To develop competent nurses capable to provide quality nursing cares and services to the patients.
    • To provide skilled nurses through education, trainings and workshops, seminars, and scientific activities.
    • To have a continuous in-service training program to update nurses with the latest trend in nursing care delivery.


The KHUH Nursing vision is to be the recognized leader in nursing practice in the kingdom of Bahrain through a highly respected, responsible group of caring professionals, nationally recognized for evidence-based patient care; safety initiatives; innovations; expert utilization of resources; collaborative leadership and firm relationships with patients, families, healthcare professionals, and the community.


To provide the highest quality patient centred care, which is culturally sensitive and holistic, by compassionate professional nurses. Commit to hiring and maintaining nurses who possess the highest level of competence, critical thinking, skills, and awareness of safety and quality.


We believe that nursing is united by:
  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Safe and Quality Care
  • Professional Excellence
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Credibility and Cultural Competence
  • Team Spirit

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