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General Medicine

General Medicine

General medicine (inpatient and outpatient)


General internal medicine services at KHUH include inpatient care and outpatient care at the clinic.  General medicine doctors treat many medical problems in adults ranging from minor illnesses to chronic diseases.  In order to promote health and wellness, internal medicine doctors also focus on preventive health and screening you for illnesses that can cause harm in the future. Our physicians follow internationally accepted standards of care that are supported by evidence-based medicine.


General medicine doctors care for patients from young adulthood (beginning at 14) to old age, and will get to know your personal medical history and how you respond to treatments. Our physicians will also review your medications to avoid medication interaction and assess the safety of taking your medications in view of your liver and kidney functions for example.


While admitted to the hospital, general medicine doctors would focus on diagnosing the patients; treating their acute issues and coordinating appropriate follow up after they leave the hospital.


Overall, general medicine doctors will coordinate for needed diagnostic testing, including laboratory tests and radiologic studies to help diagnose your conditions.  Additionally, your general medicine doctor may refer you to a specialist if needed (such as a cardiologist or endocrinologist) or surgeon.  We are proud of our team of doctors who work collaboratively to ensure you reach your health goals safely and effectively.


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